WITH VIP NUMBER: FAKE calls numbers

FAKE calls numbers
FAKE calls numbers

Today I will show you how to call with Vip numbers like 555 or (1111) by keeping your number private, fake calls numbers. Anyone who looks at your phone will be surprised, You will be asked to say 100℅ how you call with Vip number or fake call prank.

How to fake calls numbers with VIP Number?

For that I will show you a few ways you can easily call with a VIP number. You need to install an app on your phone. Where can you find the Apps link? You will get an Article to continue to read.

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fake calls numbers

Very Easy and Simple process. After installing the apps on your phone you will see this interface, And Click on “Agree and Continue” Costomize Call number name, First Click on Caller Info.

fake calls numbers
fake calls numbers

First choose the profile photo of your choice, For that’s “Tap to change image” Then Open your phone Gallery Choose your Image for Profile.

Then you see this interface, Here you choose the Name and Number as you like, the number you give here will be the call to that number.

a3 FAKE calls numbers

Do you want to Change the caller screen? For that’s Click on the “Caller Screen” Then the Caller screen come to choose SCREEN Swipe then the screen then comes with Multiple SCREEN Your choice is selected.

FAKE calls numbers With VIP Number Prank

For that you see below an arrows Click it’s then click on RECEIVE CALL NOW button and wait 3 seconds. Then the fake call will come to your phone from the profile name and number you created.

Like this by Call Just prank.

Second Method: To FAKE call for prank, Very easy and simple process. For that’s first installed An apps on your Phone, Apps link in the Below, After installing, open it, then you will see this interface, click on Next and Done.

a1 FAKE calls numbers

Then you choose name and number and profiles picture, and Click on Done.

Click on Call Now Button then fake call will come to your phone that number and name before you choose earlier

How To Fake An Incoming Phone Call Prank On Your Friends

Today I will show you a few of the best Fake Incoming Phone call Prank App or fake calls numbers, Very Easy and simple way to Fake Call on your Friends

What is a fake incoming call prank and how does it work?

Fake incoming call prank is a very common prank. As most of us are getting over the “Facebook Scam” a close friend of mine told me about this simple prank. I’ve said before that we all try all pranks these days we all get scared thinking it is a fraudster calling you

Or you pick up the call thinking its a friend when it is not. Or even get lured by the gift bait of a phone call to prank someone. The more elaborate prank is to prank a girl you like, but what is not easy is to prank your friend or your family member. But to prank any friend you need to do one simple thing. Create a Fake Fake Incoming call number and add it to your contact book. Then whenever someone calls that Fake Fake Incoming number, you’ll get a message that a friend’s friend is calling and then pick the call.

The App or fake calls numbers

List of Fake Phone Numbers which are based on telephone provider numbers that you can easily Go to and prank your friends with Fake Incoming Phone Calls and make them believe that they just received an incoming call. You can go to the Site and find the fake numbers and phone providers. Start making Fake Calls with these phone numbers 1.

Sprint® And the amazing thing is, that this is one of the only places that provide Fake Calls for Sprint wireless customers only. You can easily find fake numbers for this type of phone number. You can just download any of the Fake Call Prank Phone Numbers for anyone of your friends, and they will have no clue. And you can use your Gizmo.com account to prank your friends.

How to prank your friend with a fake incoming call

Fake Incoming Call on the phone can be very confusing especially if you are also an active mobiles user. There are several prank call apps but all of them would work as they say and not be told with permission calling or anyone who wants to know if a real incoming call is on.

So there are some simple and fun prank app, Fake incoming call on Phone To prank call someone using Fake incoming calls,We are going to give you an easy steps by using WhatsApp Fake Incoming Call or Free Online calls app (Fakenet). What You will need: An Android phone or iPhone. A cell phone with full network speed A mobile phone with full network speed An Internet connection. A landline phone. A mobile phone with full network speed. You can download these apps and place Fake Call on a friend’s phone.

Third Method: To fake calls numbers Very Easy, First install Apps on your phones Link In the Below. After installing you will see this interface.

1 FAKE calls numbers

First, you create a name and number for your choice. Click on caller info then enter the name and number of your choice here, the fake call will come from the number you enter here.

2 FAKE calls numbers

How to fake call numbers? For that Click on RECEIVE CALL NOW Button and wait (4 Seconds) then an automatic call will come to your phone with the name and number you created profiles with. (Just Prank Call)



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