Vikrant Rona Box Office collections Day 3

Day 3 Vikrant Rona Box Office Collections: Kichcha Subdeep's film did outstanding business at the box-office in its first three days.

In its opening, the film exceeded all collections of many Bollywood films.

It has been a success once again thanks to the south's star power, which has helped to attract people to the cinemas.

The film also stars Meetha Ashok, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Nirav Bhandari. It has received positive reviews from the audience.

Vikrant Rona Box Office Report Day 3 Kichcha Sudeep's starrer is set to join other South Indian

pan Indian productions that have been able to get the cash registers going overtime. It was released on 2,500

screens worldwide on Thursday, compared to 5,250 for 'Shamshera. After the incredible 'K.G.F.

it is second in Kannada films opening day performances. The opening of Chapter 2' was at Rs 164.5 crore.

However, it is still ahead of James and K.G.F. In that order, Chapter 1 and the dog film "777 Charlie" are in this order.