New Rivian R1S review and 1st drive

One simple fact will tell you more about the Rivian R1S than any of the Rivian R1S Reviews words, images and video

I am in line to purchase a Rivian R1S and, after a few days of driving upstate NY roads, I'm even more excited to grab it.

If you will allow me to indulge you, I would like to tell about this seven-seat, electric off-road SUV.

It is on my dream car list, as well as why many others do not. This is from the perspective of someone who is currently test driving their next vehicle.

First, the Rivian R1S pickup truck is essentially the R1T pickup truck. It has an enclosed rear area as well as a third row.

Hopefully you're up to date on the R1T. You can read the first drive here, and Rivian R1T's full review here.

 The R1T was named by Electrek the 2021 vehicle-of-the-year. To say that we adored it would be an understatement.

These vehicles look very similar from this angle and come off the same line at Normal, Illinois.

The 11.1 cubic feet of frunk is the same. They have the same height of 78 inches and the same 81.8