Follow The Few Steps Or Page To Disable Telemetry in Windows 11 Easily.

Solution #1

For that first, you need to Turn off optional diagnostic data.

Click on Windows icon and click it "Settings"

Scroll Down and click on "Privacy & Security"

Right Sides scroll Down and click it "Diagnostics & Feedback"

And of the "Send optional Diagnostics Data"

And go to Back, Click on "Activity history"

Unselect the "Store my Activity history on this device" 

Again go to Back and click it "General"

And TURN of the all options like this

And follow this Path Double click "HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE" to "Software"

Scroll Down and Again double click "Policies" and "Microsoft" to "Windows"

And Right site "Right Mouse" click to "New" and "DWORD (32-bit) Value" 

And Name this "AllowTelemetry"

Double click the AllowTelemetry File and set value "0" and click it "Ok"

Open the search and go to "Services"

Solution #3

And double click it "AdobeUpdateService"

Then scroll Down and click it "Concocted User Experiences and telemety"

And then select the Startup type: "Disabled" and click it "Apply" And "Ok"

Use Task Scheduler, Again open the search bar and go to "Task Scheduler"

Solution #4

And following this path, "Task Scheduler Library" > "Microsoft" < "Windows"

Scroll Down, And click it "Customer experience" and right side Select and "Right Mouse" click to "Disable" some Below "UsbCeip"

Use Group Policy, Go to the "gpedit.msc

Solution #5

And following this path, " Computer configuration" <Administrative Telemplate> and double click "All settings"

Scroll Down, and click it "Data collection and preview buillds"

Double click on right side, "Allow Diagnostic Data"

And select "Disabled" "Apply " & "Ok" And Rester your windows to Disable Telemetry.

If you want to Add the Recycle Bin to the System Tray Then Click it Below Button