Explained: Justin Bieber suffers from Ramsay Hunt syndrome, what is it?

Justin Bieber suffers from Ramsay Hunt syndrome
Justin Bieber suffers from Ramsay Hunt syndrome

Three shows were canceled on his world tour, Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber Saturday (June 11) declared that he suffered from facial paralysis that was temporary. Bieber said he needed to postpone his tour dates because the condition could not “physically, obviously not capable of doing them.”In an Instagram post.

Bieber revealed he has been diagnosed with a disorder known as ‘Ramsay Hunt that has completely affected the right side of his face.”As you can see, my eye isn’t blinking. I’m not able to smile with this side of my face… That’s why there’s complete paralysis on this aspect of me.” He declared.

Ramsay Hunt

Syndrome or herpes zoster oticus is a rare neurologic disorder that usually causes facial nerve paralysis and a rash that generally is affecting the mouth or ear. Sometimes, it causes hearing ringing as well as tinnitus and hearing loss.

“It is from this virus that attacks the nerve in my ear and my facial nerves and has caused my face to have paralysis,” Bieber stated in the video. The disease originates from the exact virus which causes chickenpox among children and shingles in adults varicella-zoster virus. It typically happens when a shingles outbreak

causes facial nerve damage near your ear. The most common symptom is an itch that is painful from shingles and can cause facial paralysis as well as losing hearing, in severe instances.

The condition

can be seen in those who have had chickenpox. It is more frequent in older people and those who are over 60. The common occurrence with chickenpox is that the virus remains within the nerves. After a while, it could be active again and cause damage to your facial nerves, which can result in Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Certain studies

have suggested that there might be connections between the vaccine Covid-19 and Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. A study by Graduate Medical Education, Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Sciences found the possibility that there “may be a possible association between Covid-19 vaccine and shingles.”

Another research conducted by a group from The Department of Neurosurgery, Tulane Center for Clinical Neurosciences, Tulane University School of Medicine claims that vaccine-related herpes zoster cases were discovered worldwide.

Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. The bad news is coming to those who love Hollywood’s most well-known musician Justin Bieber. According to reports the famous artist Justin Bieber has become a victim of Ramsay Hunt syndrome. The official announcement has been announced by Bieber himself via the social media platform Twitter. Bieber has

tweeted that he’s got paralysis in half of his face. He prayed for his fans. has demanded. After hearing about this Bieber’s fans have been praying for his health via social media. Because of this serious illness, Bieber immediately canceled all of his shows. According to the experts, Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a neurological

disorder. The face is covered with rashes of those who suffer from the disease. In addition, it could also be a cause of paralysis for the patient. It also affects the hearing ability. Learn everything you can about this condition.

What exactly is Ramsay Hunt syndrome

According to experts in the field of health, the virus is responsible for chicken pox. This virus is also responsible for Ramsay Hunt syndrome. In the same way, the person suffers by Ramsay Hunt syndrome. The varicella-zoster virus affects the nerves of the brain. As a result, the patient starts developing rashes on the face and ear. If
the signs of Ramsay Hunt syndrome are seen it is recommended to treat promptly after consulting with a doctor. If not addressed, it could become dangerous.


Anyone who is suffering from this condition must immediately consult a doctor. Doctors prescribe pain relief on a primary basis. The use of these medications can alleviate the dizziness issue. However, treatment is necessary to recover. To do this, seek treatment even if you experience small signs.

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