How To Set Password on Windows 11 | Windows 11 Lock Screen


Welcome to our Blog, In this post teach you how to set password on windows 11 or how to remove password in windows 11 And how to change password on windows 11. This post will be very helpful for you even if you forget your password on your computer.

Very easy to can you set password on your Windows, If you read this post once full then you will not need to see another post about how to set lock or how to reset Windows lock.

how to set password on windows 11

For that first ‘Right Click To ‘Windows’ key, And click it ‘Setting’ to continue next options.

Then you will be this multiple options, Click on it ‘Account’ And Click it ‘Sign in options’ to continue.

Click it ‘Password‘ and Below click ‘Add’

How To Set Password on Windows 11

And then create a new password, First Enter New Password then re-enter some password, And enter any Password Hint click it ‘Next’ Then Password set completed in your Windows 11, If you want to Check password set or not, For that first you want system Rester Computer shortcut, Press ‘Windows key + L’ Then enter your Password to log in.

How To Set Password on Windows 11

How to Lock Folders in Windows 11 without Software

Really Amazing this feature can lock any folders and pictures in Windows 11.

First Copy Below Code👇👇👇

Very easy to set folders or pictures lock, For that first New Create ‘Text Documents’ Then ‘Copy THIS Code And Paste Code in ‘Text Documents’ Then you just enter here a password that you want to set password, Then save it as in your computer this text documents.

After Saved Text documents, Then create a folder like this, and Dubbe clicks this folder then create 2 folders like this.

Then drag and drop pictures or videos, Folders in ‘Private’ folder, That file you want to lock.

And then double click ‘Setting’ icon folder Then Enter Y hit enter key then Locked your file that you drag and drop.

How to Remove Pin and Password from Login Screen in Windows 11

Can you very easy to remove or Change Pin and password in your Windows. For that first ‘Windows key’ Right-click it, Then go to ‘Settings‘ And click it Left site ‘Account’ and go to ‘Sing in Option’ Click it ‘Password’ Button Then click it Below ‘Change’ button, Enter your Current Password to continue. Then if you want to need a new password then enter a new pin and re-enter.

If you want to need Password off, for that Don’t enter any password in the new password box. Just enter the Below box ‘Password Hint’ enter ‘no idea’ and click it ‘Next, Next. button then successfully off-screen password on windows.

How to Reset Windows 11

Very easy to can you reset everything in one click. Make sure your computer or laptop is connected in Charges.

And then, First, open the Windows Start menu. Then go to ‘Settings’ Then you will see the multiple options.

Then click it ‘Update & Security and Again see you multiple options, Click it Left site ‘Recovery’ button to continue, Then click it ‘Reset THIS pc button Below, Then select Below option ‘Remove everything’

To continue Click it ‘Next, Next. Then wait a few ‘hour’s Your Windows Successfully Reset Everything Like File, Apps, Photos, And Videos.

How To Set A Password on a Dell Laptop

How to set a password in dell laptop Windows 10 in the very easy process to you can set pin or password windows. If you Don’t know how to set up a password in Windows 11, Then Follow the top-up steps already Showing how to set a password.

assuming you don’t have a fortune map covered somewhere inside your PCs, in your Windows 10 pin or secret phrase is still vital. you presume somebody has on your secret phrase (or you essentially want to transform it),

Microsoft gives you three distinct choices to approach getting in your gadget. We’ve tried every strategy and spread out how to change your secret word in Windows 10 on the few basic advances.

Can you generally set a new pin or secret word in Windows 10? we suggest utilizing a one-of-a-kind blend of letters, numbers, and images. Normally it’s ideal if these pin/passwords are somewhere around eight characters in length, and in spite of the fact that we encourage you to utilize an alphanumeric secret word design since it’s more secure.

How to set a password in dell laptop Windows 10

1- Use the Start Menu. Select the gear button, then Settings, select your username.

2- In the sidebar, hover over the Windows key. Locate the Security category in the left-hand, bottom pane, from which you will be able to get the Last Password Changed row.

3- Click change password. You will be asked to fill in your new password by tapping the first field.

Now you will have to set a password for yourself. You will have to follow all the individual steps to change your password.

Step 2: Click the Change password button

4- In the window, verify your last password and start typing the secret word. A small window will prompt you to tap the P

5- You will have to type the secret word on the digital screen that appears.

Create a new pin or password

Create a new pin or password following the installment section of your application Settings.

Type the pin or your secret phrase at the blank or space at the selection circle; Then you just must select the gear menu button right beneath it and click the “New” column menu option.

Select the option beneath the word ” Pin “, you can choose from three different design sets, and the actual article under the mention of the word you can drop in anything you wish. The variant of the chosen one will carry out the acts you see below.

If you happen to be simply having difficulty figuring out which one to try then if you have a touch screen your only worries have been solved. Select the option for “Hard Disk PIN” then in this step you will be able to see all the options for that action.

how to change password in dell laptop windows 10

Easy way to password in windows 10, secondly way to change your secret word in windows 10, a third way to change password in windows 10, this alternative enables you to possess two combination keys, so you can set up your secret passcodes to double-thickness, which makes it a lot more secure.

How to set a password in Dell Laptop Click here, you might need to select the best keyboard you are likely to use for your laptop. Click the little padlock on the box of the display of the keyboard, which means you are very logged in to this system.

Now click the cog with the arrow and a pie symbol. Now at the small globe on the right side of the display, enter your computer name, and then enter the single-digit code. You are basically now logged on.

Create a new secret word

a completely free new master password for yourself, that uses those 2 keywords. Decide on a one-of-a-kind word that is of significance like numbers and icons; for example ‘The answer to the ultimate security is key ‘ or ‘potatoes.

Decide on a 2 digit pin; for example 8, because it’s a great quantity of effort. Or even get 8 white glazed pots as a name. Wherever it comes to the effort put, simply say that it’s basically just to go through. This is it.

Exclude known words, use the correct numerical segmentation

Unfortunately, Windows isn’t free of security issues or bugs.

Examples: If you’re typing about something that wasn’t in the password box, the app might write into the box.

forgot the password on dell laptop windows 10

To make a password for your Secret interface you usually have to review your personal console, Windows gives you various options of requirements, custom terms, text samples and pictures. Windows 10 Allows you to manage accounts by installing Excel or Outlook on Your Mac, the after that Windows lets you create a secret word or PIN for your computer. for free service to sign in to get get a secret and your computer or laptop.


It’s possible to modify a gadget’s pin or secret phrase. Even so, you will find three distinctive options. We’ve given you all the approach to setting a secret word or phrase for your individual PC. It is possible to certainly change the pin and passwords on your gadget; it is merely straightforward to a whole new way to enter your actual pin/pass phrase…


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