How to know my upi id PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm and Amazon Pay

how to know upi

Hi, Friend’s Today I will show you, how to know my upi id, Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm and Amazon Pay. How do you see all these Apps, how to know my upi id in very Easily..

Upi id Do you know where it is needed? If you want to receive online payment from anywhere, How to know my upi id then just give upi id from where it will not take anything.

how to know my upi id in PhonePe?

Now I will show you how to know PhonePe Upi id. First You open Phonepe Apps, then you confirm with your lock and open it.

how to know my upi id
how to know my upi id

PhonePe Apps Opened, After that, Click on your profile above.

how to know my upi id

Then you will see this interface, click on My BHIM UPI ID.

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Then Upi id will come up. Here is the UPI ID that you see.

4 10 How to know my upi id

How to Find UPI ID in Google Pay?

Very Easy and Simple Ways, First you open your Google Pay Apps, confirm your lock on your phone and login.

1 7 How to know my upi id

Then you will see this interface. Click on your profile icon at the top, and the code that you see below your Gmail id is the Google Pay UPI ID.

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How to know my upi id in Paytm?

How to Find My UPI ID On Paytm. Simple Process, First Open Paytm Apps on Your Phone, And Confirm your lock and open it, click on your profile above.

1 9 How to know my upi id

Then you will see this interface, Click on Money Transfer Settings.

2 10 How to know my upi id

UPI ID Show or will appear under your profile name.

3 9 How to know my upi id

How to Find My Upi Id in Amazon Pay?

1 10 How to know my upi id

Very easy and simple process, First Open your Amazon Pay with your Password, Then click Amazon Pay UPI.

2 11 How to know my upi id

Then you will see this interface, see your UPI ID below.

What is UPI? What is UPI is changing the way money is transferred

Payment solution providers allow users to perform a variety of tasks on their mobile devices such as making a payment from their wallet accounts or topping up a pre-existing account. Until now, each bank had its own payment methods, which were accessed through different apps. With the introduction of

How to know my UPI id UPI, they came together to create UPI, a unified payment protocol. All UPI transactions happen through the ‘Universal Payments Interface (UPI) and a UPI ID is a virtual payment address (VPA) for every UPI user. Every user is required to generate an ID in order to access the UPI services as of now and they are also assigned a unique four-digit PIN to log into the app. Once logged in, users have the option to view, accept or reject the payment.

What are the benefits of UPI?

Only authenticated users can make transactions through UPI It provides the option of payment within seconds using internet banking It enables people to do P2PHow to know my UPI id transfers It eliminates the need for entering banking details and user names It provides a unique VPA (Virtual Payment Address)

that is similar to a bank account number, which can be used for online payments How does it work? You will need a virtual payment address (VPA) to pay or receive money from people on your contact list. Your VPA is a 12-digit code that you can generate from the UPI website or through the UPI app on your smartphone. Using a VPA, you can make transactions with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Why UPI?

1) As mentioned, these UPI systems are built to facilitate peer-to-peer payments. It brings a great way for people in poor and remote parts of the country to 2) The digital payments industry in India has grown phenomenally over the past years and UPI is yet another push that this industry needs to achieve its true potential. 3)

It brings with it a great platform to help small and medium-sized businesses integrate themselves into the digital payments landscape as they have multiple advantages to offer over the alternative. 4) Finally, it enables P2P payments, which works in a similar way as money transferring with Paytm, FreeCharge, and Mobikwik. Why UPI is the alternative to Paytm 1) How to know my UPI id UPI is different from Paytm in terms of its distribution channel.

How to get a UPI ID?

There are two types of UPI IDs that can be generated in order to get a UPI ID. One is a static ID that a person already has. The other is a dynamic ID that is generated upon verification. The static UPI ID can be created by entering the mobile number or e-mail address from where a person wants to send money How to know my UPI id. The e-mail will be automatically sent a link via SMS, Facebook, or Whatsapp.

The static UPI ID can also be set up through a dedicated app and can be saved under the registered name. A dynamic UPI ID is generated only after the user goes through a KYC verification. With a dynamic UPI ID, a person can send money instantly through a phone number or e-mail.


A lot of the transactions in UPI happen through mobile phones. For users who do not own a mobile phone or wish to secure their personal information on a public device, they can opt for a Virtual Payment Address. Since a UPI ID is linked with an IP Address, a user can use his/her phone to store and send money and to receive money. How are payments made using UPI? Payments are made to any bank account. How to know my UPI id

The process is quite easy. First, the recipient needs to send money to the VPA in the form of a digital money transfer. This money will be converted into rupees and transferred to the account of the user with the mobile number. As more people come on to UPI, the process of transaction is expected to become even easier. Privacy The UPI payment system is much like the Indian version of Paytm.


The basics of transactions, the use of payment gates, the functionality of in the new biometric-based payment system are already in place in the UPI system. The main use-cases of UPI right now are: Cash deposits – By adding ‘withdraw’ and ‘upload’, money can be accessed by making payments to people/institutions.

The amount transferred will be the same for both transactions. – By adding ‘withdraw’ and ‘upload’, money can be accessed by making payments to people/institutions. The amount transferred will be the same for both transactions. Online Payment Gateways Make a payment to someone for their purchase. The payment is made using a UPI ID which you created in your bank account or through your bank’s website, How to know my UPI id.

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