Download Navigation Bar apk | navigation bar (back home recent button) apk download

Download Navigation Bar apk

Hey Everyone Welcome to my blog, in this Article you get to Download the Navigation Bar apk, or navigation bar (back home recent button) apk download And Navigation bar apk download Uptodown if you want to then Scroll Down to get a download button for Navigation Bar apk.

Download Navigation Bar apk

Show Back Button or Home Button and Recent Button at the bottom of the screen for any Android Devices.

The “Navigation Bar” application can replace people with a failed and broken button
The problem is using the buttons or the navigation bar is not working properly.
This app offers many features and colors to make the navigation bar great.
Easily swipe up and down the navigation bar as an assistant.

Navigation Bar apk Key Features

Download Navigation Bar apk: Automatically hide the navigation bar with the user-selected time.


  • Easy swipe up / down to show/hide the navigation bar.
  • One press: Home, Back, New.
  • Long press for back, home, new buttons. (See list of events below)
    Ability to change the navigation bar with background color and buttons. Possibility to adjust the size of the navigation bar with height.
    Possibility to set vibration to the touch.
  • “Swipe sensitivity” customization options.
  • Options to hide the navigation bar when the keyboard is visible.
  • Navigation bar locking options. – Options for adjusting the position of the navigation bar in landscape mode.
  • There are 15 topics.
  • On / off notification. (for)
  • Limit the area of ​​the shortened navigation bar to prevent accidental clicking. (for)
    Activate and deactivate by setting the fast counter. (Android 7.0+) (Pro)

Support CMD: FOR Long Press actions

-Lock screen (requires Device Manager to be activated. If you have already activated Device Manager and want to remove this application, you must first deactivate Device Manager. There is an uninstall menu in the “Help” section to help you uninstall this application quickly.)

  • Wi-Fi on / off
  • Power supply
  • Split screen
  • Launch the camera
  • Open the volume control
  • Voice command
  • Search the Internet
  • Turn off the notifications panel
  • Enable the quick settings panel
  • Start dialing
    Launch your web browser
  • Start setting
  • Run this application
  • Launch any application (Pro)
  • Take a screenshot (Pro)
  • Deactivation of the navigation bar in 10 seconds (Pro).

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