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Just set your secret password on your Phone and partake in the security of your PDA. Entryway Screen Lock is a novel thought for your Smart Phone Security. The most attractive lock for people groups needs some unique.

There is a number of screen locks on a smartphone available in different Android play stores, But here is one of the secure and most efficient screen locks Door Lock Screen for Android.

Door Lock Screen for Android

The screen lock contains a door lock with some sequences which you have to select in settings. Door Lock Screen for Android, There are so many possible combinations of the sequence, so there is no chance to unlock your screen by hacking. The screen lock ensures you that your phone will be secured…

The entryway screen lock is an extravagant and intriguing lock screen for you.
Just set your secret word and partake in the protection of your advanced mobile phone. Door Lock Screen for Android Secure your portable screen with a Door Lock Screen. A one-of-a-kind method for locking your portable screen…


  • Real sound effects for unlocking and opening of the locking door.
  • Best Security
  • Enable/Disable door Sound.
  • FREE for everyone.
  • Beautiful & stylish interface.
  • Missed Call notifications.
  • SMS notifications.
  • No chance to hack your lock sequence.
  • Enable/Disable the locker from the setting menu.

How it Works

Download and install the Door Screen Lock.
Go in setting and enable the lock.
the door and see your home screen.
Set your password.
To unlock type your password and you open

How To Download Door Screen Lock APK

How to download Door Screen Lock App on Your Mobile, For That first Click on the Down arrow button And then wait for getting download button to install APK on Your Mobile That is.


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Hope you will enjoy this, Door Screen Lock on your Mobile Door Screen Lock Theme. Door Lock Screen for Android
This screen lock is the best available for you on my Tech SAME TV


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