10 Best Cryptocurrency Mining Without Investment


1. Bitcoin


If you have the capital and are willing to give it a try, crypto (BITCOIN) remains the number one choice among “crypto” miners around the world. At the time of writing, its price hovers around $35,000/BTC. In fact, recently, in January 2021, the price of Crypto BTC reached a high of $42,000. today’s difficultly rate but much more Advanced systems, it may take a solo mining about 11 minutes to mine one bitcoin Crypto. average rate for most miners, however, stands at 30 day’s

How much make money bitcoin mainers make? If a miner is able to success add a block to the block chain, they will receive 6.45 or 7.39 bitcoins Crypto as a reward. reward amounts is cuts in half roughly every four years, or every 210,000 blocks. As September 2022, (BTC) trade at around $20,000, making 6.25 BTC worth $125,000. bitcoin mining calculator: coinwarz.com/mining/bitcoin/calculator